About us

SEECAP Consulting is a financial consultancy based in Belgrade operating since 2001. We provide consulting services for the purchase or sale of companies (M&A), financing companies from banking and non-banking sources of finance, purchase or sale of real estate or real estate financing and the purchase and sale of hotels and financing of hotels and other tourist facilities in Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Although we are primarily a financial consulting firm, from time to time our clients ask us to identify potential buyers for assets in their asset portfolio. These are all investment properties, for further investment and construction or for rent and/or resale.

In response to the demand from our clients, we have started a new service, the sale of investment properties - office buildings, hotels, construction land and the like. Our approach to this is quite unique in the market because we combine our knowledge and experience from project financing, company financing and classic marketing methods and our vast network of institutional and individual investors with the possibilities and strength of modern digital marketing.

About us

Our approach to sale of investment properties

The sale of investment properties is a complex process that requires a multidisciplinary approach. It is not enough, as many real estate agencies do, just to publish online photos of a building or a construction plot and in the expectation that it will be sold. There are a lot of such ads on the market that have been waiting for a buyer for a long time. Our approach is different because it involves much preparation and analysis of the project before announcing the sale. That is why we are different from other real estate brokers.

We do not sell real estate, we offer a vision of the future project with presentation of all elements of the project - macroeconomic, urban planning, construction, legal, financial, local real estate market conditions, etc. We send to investors a comprehensive information package about the project in a sales prospectus of 25-40 pages, depending on the project. Such a sales prospectus, in addition to textual explanations, photos, videos and YouTube presentations contains financial forecast of the projects in Excel tables and graphs for the period of minimum 10-12 years and other relevant data, indicators and analyses.

This approach allows investors to assess the investment without additional costs, time and other resources and to decide whether to go into more detailed consideration of the offered investment.

Our approach to sale of investment properties

Our marketing methods

An investment property is sold as an asset (real estate) or as a company that owns the property. For marketing and selling them, we apply 2 methods - classic and digital marketing method.

The classic marketing method

The classic method is the one used in the sale of companies or property in the last 50 years. We prepare the marketing document usually called "sales prospectus" which we send to pre-selected potential buyers. Such potential buyers/investors are subsequently contacted in order to increase interest. We provide additional explanations, analyses of the financial forecasts of the future project, assessment of the value of the property, etc.

In addition to a small number of regional buyers, we target various investors:

  1. Strategic institutional investors
  2. Real estate investment funds
  3. We contact Western, Russian, Chinese and Arab investors
  4. We cooperate with over 100 similar consulting companies in the world, and we could place sales through those consultants.
  5. Finally, we have access to some foreign closed-ended real estate platforms where only buyers and sellers have access, and which serve as a kind of exchange for the sale of private companies or their assets. We also do marketing through these platforms.
Our marketing methods

Digital marketing method

The world has turned to digital marketing. We publish our offers on this website. Digital marketing of investment real estate would take place as follows:

  1. On this website we will advertise the sale or investment in investment properties only such as hotels, offices or construction land. We do not sell or advertise properties for personal use (houses or apartments).
  2. We prepare sale offers in 3 languages, Serbian, English and Russian. Since these are large projects, we will not advertise many projects, maximum of 6-7 at a time so that all projects get a prominent visibility for the website visitor.
  3. Such approach will give the site a lot of traffic and viewership, which would achieve high ranking with various browsers in various markets targeting a wide audience of buyers/investors.
  4. In the West, no one is more powerful in marketing than Google, and we use Google as the primary marketing tool. In addition to Google, we have indexed our website with other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, Yandex (Russia) and Baidu (China). This will bring global visibility to our website.
  5. We have optimized our website for social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Telegram. We will also use paid and unpaid advertising.
  6. In parallel with advertising on our website, we will place such projects on some regional or global real estate platforms for similar purposes.
Digital marketing method

The sequence of activities we usually practice

  1. The first step is to find out as much as possible about the project itself, to collect appropriate documentation (urban planning, legal, infrastructure information, etc.) so that we can do our own analysis of the project.
  2. We communicate the result of our analysis to the seller with our recommendations - from resolving legal issues, if exist, to producing some other necessary documentation needed for a successful sale. We also provide our valuation of the project (land or building offered for sale).
  3. After all this process we sign a brokerage agreement with the seller or sub-brokerage agreement with the seller’s brokers, as the case may be.
  4. Everything else is up to us to find a buyer and / or investor through the marketing methods described above.

The goal in communication with investors

  1. Attract investors to start a conversation about the project
  2. Convince the investor to invest in the project

Buyers are looking for answers on few basic questions:

  1. What is the return on my invested capital-ROE (return on equity)
  2. What is the return on total invested capital-ROA (return on assets)
  3. If sophisticated, what is my internal rate of return, with and without debt (levered and unlevered)

In our property for sale or investment marketing documentation we aim to answer all the above questions to achieve successful sale.