Spa & Wellness

We offer a range of services in hospitality:

  1. Sale and purchase of hotels and similar lodging facilities
  2. Financing purchase of or investment in hotels and similar lodging facilities
  3. Financing construction and development of hotels and other lodging facilities
  4. Sale, purchase, privatisation and financing destination spa and health spa facilities (sanus per aquam)

We combine our hospitality expertise and experience with our knowledge and experience in real estate finance and corporate finance.

Spa & Wellness

Sale, purchase, privatisation and financing

  • Identification of the acquisition targets
  • Due diligence analysis of the intended purchase
  • Analysis of the destination spa operating metrics
  • Preparation of suitable business model for future operation of the spa destination centre
  • Analysis of future capital investment needs (capex), operating capital needs (opex), budgeting (operating and continuous),
  • In privatisation-preparation of a social programme, investment program and meeting other requirements, terms and conditions set out in the privatisation process, dealing with the privatisation authority and their consultants, preparation of the privatisation bid
  • Preparation of proforma cash flow projections as well as projections of future Income Statements, Balance Sheet and other elements of annual financial performance projections
  • Investment risk analysis - scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, break-even, time series, Monte Carlo simulation, regression analysis
  • Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
  • Business or investment plan preparation for the spa investors as borrowers to raise debt capital locally or internationally for purchase and/or the spa destination redevelopment or reconstruction
  • Acquisition fund structure (equity, debt, mezzanine) and cost modelling,
  • Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR), Debt Service Reserve Account (DSRA), Maintenance Reserve Account (MRA) analysis and modelling
  • Destination spa valuation
  • Tax efficient investment and funding structure
  • Calculation of destination spa investment metrics - equity multiple, IRR, NPV, key financial ratios,-liquidity, leverage and profitability
  • Optimal holding period analysis to maximise investment return
  • Offer price determination
  • Drafting usual documentation for lenders or other sources of acquisition finance
  • Contacting lenders and other sources of debt of hybrid capital finance
  • Support in purchase and/or capital raising negotiations until successful completion Investment exit strategy

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Sale, purchase, privatisation and financing Sale, purchase, privatisation and financing