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Who are we?

We are first and foremost a financial consultancy. We raise debt, mezzanine or equity finance for our clients and their projects. From time to time our corporate clients ask us to identify buyers for assets for their real estate asset portfolio. Some of such properties we present here. These are all investment properties, for further investment and development of for rental and/or resale.


We offer to sellers or investees

  • A tailor-made service for sale of their property
  • Multidisciplinary approach in document preparation and marketing
  • Knowledge and experience in project finance, corporate finance and classic marketing methods
  • Our vast network of institutional and individual investors and buyers
  • Capabilities and strength of modern digital marketing
  • More

We can assist buyers with

  • Raising debt and equity finance for acquistion or project completion from local or international sources of finance for hospitality finance or real estate finance
  • Preparation of feasibility studies
  • Financial analysis and financial modelling of the future project
  • Financial managment of th eproject
  • And other services