Terms of use sellers and investees

The following Terms of Use and Conditions (“Terms”) are applicable to sellers seeking to sell their investment properties and investees seeking to promote investment in their investment property projects as users of this website, SEECAP Investment Properties (“SIP”) and services that are offered by SEECAP Konsalting doo (“SEECAP”). For the purposes of these Terms, a person who accesses, browses, or otherwise uses SIP and/or other affiliated services (the “Services”) is referred to as a “User”.

By using this website and the Services, all Users consent to these Terms, and to any updates to such Terms, as may occur at SEECAP’s discretion. SIP will, at all times, reflect the most updated version of these Terms and any of SEECAP’s other policies related to SIP or the Services. In the event that any User does not agree with these Terms, or any other terms and conditions of use, User’s sole recourse is to cease use of SIP.

Use of SIP

The Services offered on SIP are available only to Users that have the capacity and authority to form legally binding contracts. By using SIP, User represents that he/she (i) is over the age of eighteen (18) and (ii) has the authority and capacity to form legally binding contracts.

Access to SIP

In order to use certain Services provided on SIP, Users may be required to register and/or create an account. Each User agrees to provide only truthful and accurate information when registering and creating an account.

In order to use SIP User will provide information or submit documentation. Each User is solely responsible for his/her submissions and the content thereof. By providing feedback and/or uploading information, documents, and other materials to SIP, User agrees to comply with these Terms, as well as other terms and conditions and/or policies governing the use of SIP.

By providing information and documentation to SEECAP, User grants to SEECAP to use such information and documentation for intended purposes.

User may be contacted regarding promotional opportunities, marketing, information about properties that might be of interest to the User, and other related information and/or notices. If User wishes to opt out of any marketing and/or promotional contacts, please consult the Privacy Policy.

Intellectual Property

Unless otherwise provided, all information, looks, marks, images, icons, graphics, slogans, and other materials provided on this website, as well as the underlying software for SIP are copyrighted, licensed, and/or otherwise protected by intellectual property rights. By using SIP, User agrees to abide by any and all copyright and intellectual property protections. Furthermore, User promises not to use SEECAP’s logo, copyrights, or other information in such a way that would create an impression that User owns, has a right to license, or is associated with such items. All data and information that User obtains from SIP is intended solely for User’s individual use and shall not be distributed or otherwise used for any other purpose.


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