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Sale of investment properties is a complex process that requires a multidisciplinary approach. It is not enough, as many real estate agencies do, just to publish photos of a building or a construction plot and in the expectation that it will be sold.

There are a lot of such ads on the market that have been waiting for a buyer for a long time. Our approach is different because it involves much preparation and analysis of the project before announcing the sale. That is why we are different from other real estate brokers.

We do not sell properties, we offer a vision of the future project with presentation of all elements of the investment property for sale – macroeconomic, urban planning, construction, legal, financial, local real estate market conditions, etc.

We prepare a comprehensive sales prospectus on 25-40 pages. In addition to textual explanations, photos, videos and YouTube presentations it contains financial forecast and graphs for the period of minimum 5-10 years and other relevant data, indicators and analyses.

We use both digital and classic marketing strategies. We publish our offers on our website in 3 languages. We invest in international SEO to reach global buyers. The prepared marketing documentation is sent directly to pre-selected potential buyers. Such potential buyers/investors are subsequently contacted to increase their interest.